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June 21, 2021


From growing your business, to cost cutting, to engaging your fanbase, we discuss five reasons partnering with The Memento Group should be on your radar.

It’s no secret that the economy has struggled this past year. With companies going into administration and many having to make cuts they could never have foreseen, 2021 and 2022 will be paramount in the rebuilding of our infrastructures. 

As a sports business, we, like many others, have faced the harsh realities of Covid-19, but have come out the other side as a stronger and more established brand. We took the opportunity to build a new HQ with over 50,000sq ft of space for the growing number of functions in the business. In doing so, we almost doubled our workforce and signed a number of exciting new partners (keep your eyes peeled for some announcements), all whilst increasing royalties to partners.

It’s safe to say The Memento Group has enjoyed its most successful period to date. Despite the pandemic, we have been able to utilise our resources to ensure not only have we stayed afloat but have sailed ahead.

So, why partner with us? Let us explain…

1. Fanbase outreach – allowing fans to feel closer to sport

Over the years, The Memento Group has established itself as the voice of authority when it comes to memorabilia. Through carefully considered partnerships and cleverly planned collaborations, we now hold licence agreements with a multitude of teams and sports which guarantee the exclusivity and authenticity of our products.

But besides the pleasure of working alongside sports teams and partners, the core concept of our business is simple – we want to bring sports fans closer to the action.

Now more than ever, we acknowledge the power that sport has over people. Fans want to feel a part of their favourite sports, to feel as though they are not only there in the stands, but there on the pitch, in the ring or on race track alongside the athletes. And whilst that isn’t always possible, being able to provide fans with equipment, bodywork, or signed sportswear makes the dream of being closer, become a reality.

But this concept doesn’t just benefit us. Our partners have also seen their fanbases grow stronger via our agreements, and through collaborative marketing we’ve been able to steer our fanbases towards each other. It’s simple really, if you have plenty to offer fans, they give back, whether it be through social follows, sign ups, or engagement.

Working with us through licensed partnerships means we can help you bring your fans closer – closer to the sport and closer to you. We can advise on the best ways in which you can let them own the moment.

2. Unique and bespoke B2B gifting solutions for partners

Besides working across a number of e-commerce platforms, The Memento Group prides itself on its B2B corporate services. Our dedicated B2B Partnerships team liaise with businesses every day on how they can help them give back to their own employees, or their exclusive clientele and partners. 

One of our excellent offerings includes bespoke gifting, which can be ordered in large quantities, so whether you’re looking to present gifts to 20 clients or 500 guests, we can provide. Our memorabilia and re-engineered products allow you to engage with your key customers and clients and can be a fantastic reward for your employees as a recognition scheme.

Working with us through our B2B team means we can help you provide your stakeholders, clients, and colleagues with so much more than just a product. What we offer tells a story and allows you to hold an actual piece of sporting history in your palms. Our bespoke gifts can be ordered and designed with special requests, meaning what you receive can be completely unique to your business. An example of bespoke gifts we’ve provided before include carbon fibre pens, staff medals made from F1 car parts and replica F1 bodywork.

With unrivalled authenticity, unparalleled craftsmanship and first-class services, we can help your business stand out and provide showstopping rewards for those around you.

3. Growth for your business with cost-effective agreements

Another way in which we can help your business is by aiding its revenue growth. The past year for many has involved making difficult decisions in order to save money and keep business flowing. However, we have been able to help companies introduce new revenue streams whilst also cutting costs.

Through partnerships, we work with rightsholders to commercialise their talent and labels in new ways, meanwhile enhancing their brand. Through these agreements we have been able to drive significant revenue for our partners, as well as create cost savings for them. For example, this past year we’ve worked directly with a number of high-profile Formula 1 teams, sourcing the drivers’ race-worn racewear and selling them on our F1 Authentics platform to fans. This purchasing of the racewear from the teams means not only do they cut costs as we purchase the items initially, but they also earn royalties on the sales of them from our platform – this, therefore, gives them two revenue streams from one agreement.

In a recent article written by our Head of Partnerships, Kirsty Patterson, she discusses the above in more detail and highlights some of the biggest opportunities that rightsholders are missing. To read her full column, CLICK HERE.

4. Our solutions, offerings and concepts are unique

The Memento Group has been in development for many years now and has seen its fair share of growth, the majority of which has occurred over the past two years. With new partners joining our roster and our workforce doubling, so too have the demands for business. But, at the centre of this is the ethos that Memento has carried throughout – to provide products found nowhere else.

Our concept has always been to bring sports fans closer to the action, but our offerings are so much more than that. Our team works hard to ensure the uniqueness of every single item, capturing the action in the most creative ways possible. Our Production and Design teams have been re-engineering race-used F1 components into stylish furniture and accessories for years and are currently developing more ideas in the Studio, with significant investment in R&D to ensure we continue to innovate.

Besides our re-engineered collections, we ensure our memorabilia and merchandise, sourced via our licensed partnerships, are all authentic and also get signed by the athletes. Signed memorabilia is hard to come by, but The Memento Group is the key place for fans to get hold of it. We pride ourselves in being the only of our kind – the best place to find signed authentic sports memorabilia online.

And this transpires into our working relationships. Partnering with us means you’ll be enrolled into an exclusive alliance where you’ll be able to provide your employees, clients and fanbases with products and experiences that cannot be found elsewhere.

5. A team of experts who can help your business excel

Our team at The Memento Group is still relatively small, despite doubling in the past year, but nevertheless is mighty in terms of what it has achieved and what it can offer.

With established teams in Partnerships, Concierge, Auction, E-commerce, Digital, Creative, Design, Production and Car Build, our staff come with years of experience and expertise.

All members of The Memento Group come from different walks of life and are located all around the UK but come together to form a strong team that has gone from strength to strength, based in the Northamptonshire countryside.

With some employees having worked in Formula 1, and others with long backgrounds in Branding, Marketing and E-commerce, we’re able to help you when it comes to truly making the most of the partnerships and license agreements. We love working with our partners and are happy to discuss ways in which we can collaboratively work, where both parties involved can benefit.

There’s no secret recipe to our success or to why our partners have stayed with us for so long, or why more and more businesses and sports are signing up to work with The Memento Group. The reason is actually simple - not only do we deliver what we propose, but we also go above and beyond to ensure you can too.

To find out more about The Memento Group and its partnerships, head over to our NEWS section, plus make sure you’re following us across our social channels.

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