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September 13, 2021


As the voice of authority when it comes to sports memorabilia, The Memento Group is proud to offer a number of different services, across B2B and B2C. One of which is our Consignment Service.

What does it mean to consign with The Memento Group? Well, it means you no longer need to spend hours trying to find buyers for your rare and unique sports memorabilia, as Memento does the heavy lifting for you.

From marketing your items, to telling their story, to selling and delivering them to customers, we have it covered.

Currently we offer this service through our online F1 memorabilia store, F1 Authentics, and have been working with Private Collectors over the past year, getting their items seen by hundreds of thousands of F1 fans and collectors looking to buy.

Here are the key reasons collectors should consider working with The Memento Group:

1. Get expert advice on the best way to sell your memorabilia

The team here at The Memento Group are experts in their fields, from knowing their way around a Formula 1 car, to understanding the best ways to engage audiences, to working alongside some of the biggest names in sport.

Once you’re in touch with us, you’ll be advised on the best course of action by one of our specialists. Whether you’re unsure of what your product is worth, or unfamiliar with auctioning, our dedicated team will be on hand to ensure every step of the process is easy.

No two cases are the same, but through discussing with us, we’ll be able to guide you and offer solutions that truly maximise the outcomes.

2. Experience expert marketing strategies

Once you’ve spoken to one of our experts, we’ll be able to decide on the best ways to make sure your products get seen by as many potential customers and clients as possible.

Our Digital and Marketing teams specialise in strategies that captivate wide audiences and demographics. With targeting across marketing and social channels, your collection will not only be seen by plenty, but will be seen by the right people. Placing your products directly in the hands of those looking to buy.

Our Social team will also build an online presence through engagement, helping tell the story of your items and keep conversations going.

3. Have your products seen by hundreds of thousands

F1 Authentics launched in 2019 but has since become established as the only official online shop and auction selling F1 memorabilia. This authenticity means that it is a trusted source for both sellers and buyers.

With a growing demographic, as well as a steady and increasing flow of daily traffic and engagement, F1 Authentics is viewed by hundreds of thousands of people each week. And that’s just before we bring Marketing and Social into the equation.

Our Instagram account alone has more than 250,000 followers, meaning that any products of yours that we share on our channel will be reaching and engaging a huge number of people. Consigning your products to our F1 auction platform means that the more people who see your product the better it will perform. With most Consigned products having reserve prices, they will rely on being seen and bid on by large numbers. And by reaching these numbers, there is also the potential for products to sell for above and beyond their reserve and RRP prices.

4. Tailored approaches for personal sales

Every case is different. Some Consignors may own an entire collection, whereas others may be looking to sell a singular rare item (worth £300 or more) or even a race car. Whatever the scenario, the Memento team will be able to offer bespoke approaches.

This could mean we host your entire collection in a dedicated online auction. Or it could be decided that the best action is for our Concierge Service to take a direct route of selling privately to established buyers in our clientele.

Either way, each approach will be strategically planned, ensuring your collection, product or race car will be given the best chance of being seen by the right people or person.

5. Stress-free selling

And finally, consigning with Memento and F1 Authentics means that all the difficult parts of selling your memorabilia will be taken care of. After initial discussions and signing agreements, we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll give you updates on your products and how they are performing too, meanwhile you’ll also get to keep tabs on them if they are on the auction – watch the bidding action live.

F1 Authentics is currently advertising its upcoming F1 memorabilia auction, The American Collection, which will run from 12th to 26th October, in the lead up to the United States Grand Prix. To find out whether your collection could be part of this, please get in touch. For a step-by-step guide on how to Consign with F1 Authentic, please CLICK HERE.

Please note, single item consignments must have a worth of £300 or more.

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