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September 22, 2021


To allow sports fans to truly own the moment, The Memento Group, ensures all of its memorabilia is authentic. This week we discuss making our vision a reality…

It’s no surprise that our customer-base want to own the ‘real deal’ when it comes to sports memorabilia and collectibles from their idols. Around the world, sports fans spend thousands of pounds each year to watch their favourite teams and athletes compete, in order to feel closer to the action and witness the incredible moments that are remembered for decades to come.

When The Memento Group formed in 2010, it had a eureka idea – what if those moments could be brought to the fans. And that’s exactly what the company has worked on for the past eleven years; ensuring the most exciting items from the race, the match, or the fight, are available for fans to get their hands on.

The Memento Group has established itself over the years as the voice of authority when it comes to sports memorabilia, delivering sporting solutions not only to fans but to its B2B clientele as well. And the reason this concept - brought to life by a team of passionate and hard-working enthusiasts - has been so successful is down to our ability to showcase the rarest of items, found nowhere else.

Over the years we have worked directly with sports teams. Beginning with our connections in the motorsport industry, we have been able to bring F1 teams onboard, and now in 2021 we enter a new chapter with many other global sports. Holding license agreements with these official teams (using our F1 partnerships as an example) allows us to get hold of F1 racewear and race used bodywork directly from them that has been worn, used, and signed by the drivers, before it is sent straight back to us to provide to our customer-base.

This direct route means that authenticity is guaranteed, but not only this; it means we are easily able to identify when the memorabilia was worn or used, allowing us to tell each item’s individual story. Part of what makes a collectible so valuable is its unique history. Fans know their facts and statistics, and if they are to purchase a piece from us, we ensure we provide all the information, so that their chosen item is correctly supported.

Our latest partnership, announced only a couple of weeks ago, is with two-time unified World Heavyweight Champion, Anthony Joshua – a global superstar whose fanbase is increasing by the second. This incredible agreement between The Memento Group and AJ and his management, means we are now able to bring this same unrivalled service to fans of boxing. And because we are working side by side with AJ and his team, we are able to confirm that each item is dependable as official AJ memorabilia.

Not only is this authenticity supported by our close partnerships, but we also provide authenticity certificates and holograms with our products. These allow our buyers to validate and certify that the items of memorabilia they have purchased are real and were used by their favourite sports person. Our special holograms (currently in use for our F1 Authentics collection) can also be scanned by the customer, which lets them register themselves as the unique owner of the official product. 

With a growing brand and a growing offering, The Memento Group will continue to present only the best collectibles with the rarest or most fascinating histories. Authenticity is a promise; and allowing fans to own the moment, is our goal.

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