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July 30, 2021


The Memento Group’s online shop, F1 Authentics – the only official online F1 memorabilia store – is launching a collection of Asprey products, following a recent collaboration between Asprey and Formula 1.

Showcasing Asprey’s exclusive F1 range, this new offering will allow fans of the sport chance to purchase luxury F1 accessories from the memorabilia platform – the collection will only be available on F1 Authentics’ and Asprey’s websites.

Connected by British heritage, innovation, and craftsmanship, the collaboration celebrates Asprey’s 240th anniversary and the revolutionary development of the F1 Car for 2022. The improvements made for the 2022 car, besides heightening aerodynamics, have also enhanced the aesthetic appeal, making them anatomically perfect for interpretation by Asprey’s silversmiths.

The collection – exclusive to F1 Authentics and Asprey - includes sterling silver replica and sculptural models of the new 2022 car in 25cm, 18cm and 10cm sizes, as well as a range of small silver goods and silk products, which will all be available to purchase online at

The collaboration between all three organisations (F1, Asprey and F1 Authentics) means that the F1 Authentics’ boutique, which travels to F1 races around the world, will also be able to sell the products at each Paddock Club it visits, unlocking a wider customer-base for the collection.

“We are delighted to have the Asprey collection represented on our F1 Authentics store. Presenting customers with a touch of luxury, this new range lets us expand our F1 offering,” commented Barry Gough, CEO of The Memento Group.

“Asprey is thrilled to be collaborating with Formula 1. Our designers and artisans have created a beautiful collection of silver, silk and jewellery pieces that captures the essence of modern Motorsport especially so at a time of the introduction of the revolutionary new car featuring enhanced aerodynamics and a philosophy of environmental sustainability,” commented John Rigas, Chairman at Asprey.

“We’re delighted to be collaborating with Asprey on this new collection to celebrate the launch of the F1 2022 car and the exciting new era of our sport. Whilst we looked forward to the future of F1, with even more action-packed racing next season and beyond, it’s important to acknowledge the heritage and history that connects our brands, as we bring fans something special to commemorate the moment,” commented Ben Pincus, Director of Commercial Partnerships at Formula 1.

Asprey’s F1 range will be available at The collection is exclusive to F1 Authentics and Asprey.

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