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October 05, 2021


This week The Memento Group talks about its incredible re-engineered products and the process behind this innovative concept.

The Memento Group, the corporate arm of TMG Sports Memorabilia, has been working ever since it was founded in 2010 to create a concept of allowing fans to feel closer to the action through unique memorabilia and items.

Over the years this concept has been fulfilled through licensed agreements and partnerships with sports, teams and athletes, which has provided the ability to offer fans items once used by their heroes. This can be seen via the F1 Authentics shop and auction, which features race used racewear and bodywork and components which have seen their share of on-track action.

But besides these exclusives, which usually also get signed by the athletes, The Memento Group has established itself as the ingenious engineer of a collection of re-imagined items.

From the race track to your home

As well as giving fans and collectors the chance to get their hands on items used by their favourite athletes and teams, The Memento Group sources components and develops them into practical pieces of furniture, accessories or display pieces.

It all starts with an idea; this idea is then received by The Memento Group’s Creative and Production teams, who work extremely hard to etch out what the product will look like, what it can be used for, and how the sporting action can be represented at its best.

A prime example of this re-engineering comes in the form of our F1 Brake Disc Tables. Using brake discs which once completed F1 cars that raced all around the world, these tables are hand crafted to incorporate the sleek car parts whilst subtly fitting into your décor. Bringing a touch of racing action to your home or office.

Brake discs reach temperatures of 1000 degrees Celsius in a single braking zone and each race presents different challenges for the brakes – from full throttle into heavy braking zones at the Canadian GP, to the undulations of height at the Austrian GP. Each disc holds its own unique story, and this story is then preserved beneath glass for a stylish finish. As a uniquely made table, this brake disc, and its associated history, is there to be enjoyed for decades to come by fans who live and breathe the sport.

F1 wheel rims are also the perfect components for re-crafting. Topped with glass and decorated with 2021 liveries, these wheel rim tables allow fans to celebrate their favourite race teams and add a touch of colour to their homes or offices - ideal for placing your beverages on whilst you kick back and watch your favourite sports.

But tables aren’t the only items re-engineered by The Memento Group. Other popular items include phone and tablet holders made using skid block wood. Also known as 'legality plank', skid block is the mandatory attachment to the underside of an F1 car. Introduced in 1994 as a safety improvement following Ayrton Senna's death, the plank is fitted beneath the central plane of the car. Now, this wood is hand cut and engineered into holders for your all-important devices, allowing you to use you phone or tablet, whilst admiring the action-packed accessory.

Other items that the team have re-engineered over the years, include lamps made from wheel nuts, gears and layshafts; clocks made from gears and brake discs; desk tidies made from dog rings; and much more.

What’s next for The Memento Group?

Along with the launch of TMG Sports Memorabilia comes an exciting period in the business’ journey. Partnering with more sports and athletes, including the incredible two-time former unified World Heavyweight Champion, Anthony Joshua, it means more products and even more chance for fans and collectors to get closer to the sports they love.

Our Anthony Joshua memorabilia store is now live; through which customers can buy signed memorabilia, as well as pieces of the canvases used for his fights.

With more partnerships on the horizon, our scope for more re-engineered products is increasing. With our Creative and Production teams hard at work developing new concepts for furniture, accessories and more, sports fans will have even more opportunity to own the moment in the near future.

To visit TMG Sports Memorabilia, click HERE. See shop on F1 Authentics, click HERE. And to read more about our latest announcements, partnerships or read our columns, click HERE.

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