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June 28, 2021


With an increasing workforce, we give you a little insight into the incredible culture here at Memento, from empowering each other, to thrilling social outings, to career progression and opportunities like no other.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our recent articles, you’ll have read that in the past year we’ve been working hard developing a new state-of-the-art headquarters in the scenic Northamptonshire countryside.

But that’s not the only thing we’ve been expanding. Our workforce has almost doubled in the past year alone; we’ve welcomed new colleagues from all over the United Kingdom, from a multitude of professions, all bringing with them an abundance of expertise.

Working with The Memento Group offers incredible opportunities, not only for those just starting out in their careers, but for those already armed with a wealth of knowledge who are looking to contribute to a growing industry.

What’s The Memento Group all about?

The Memento Group has established itself over the years as the voice of authority when it comes to sports memorabilia. Beginning its venture with Formula 1® back in 2010 and currently expanding into other sports, Memento prides itself on working with some of the world’s highest profile sports brands.

Selling authentic memorabilia, as well as unique re-engineered items, not to mention producing incredible bespoke show cars recreating some of the most iconic F1® liveries, our offering is unlike any other.

In 2019 we launched F1® Authentics, the only official online F1® memorabilia shop and auction, which has gone from strength to strength ever since, increasing its demographic and outreach every day.

Now, in 2021, we’re working on some of our most exciting projects to date, expanding our offering and revolutionising the world of sports memorabilia.

At the centre of the business is the concept of bringing sports fans closer to the action and closer to the teams and athletes that they adore. What we do here at The Memento Group offers them exactly that, a way of owning the action and owning the moment.

So, why join us?

The phrase ‘Work hard, play hard’ springs to mind. We’re a group of likeminded, sports enthusiasts, however, coming from various different backgrounds and professions means no two people are alike, and what each individual brings to the team is completely unique, accepted and celebrated.

The work ethic at Memento is like no other. We’re serious about what we do, focused on our goals, and determined to overcome any challenges thrown our way. Nevertheless, we don’t shy away from having fun. We organise work socials regularly, so the team get the chance to get to know one another outside the office walls (although we have been known to get a little competitive, especially when Go-karting is involved).

We also understand how important it is to step away from the desk and the computer screens too – that’s why our new HQ has an onsite basketball court, a golf putting course, an area for playing football, and an indoor F1 simulator, not to mention booths for simply taking half an hour out to catch up with colleagues.

Employees at The Memento Group also enjoy access to the onsite amenities (currently in development) as well as our in-house wellness coach. We also offer a cycle to work scheme and other perks. Here at Memento, employee wellbeing is of paramount importance – that’s why we are constantly striving to grow and adapt in order to provide the greatest support we can for each employee’s individual needs.

The company also offers excellent career progression for those looking to either work their way up the ladder or branch out into a different area of the business. We want our employees to truly get the most out of their role and their time here and we encourage all to strive for growth. Memento is no normal 9 to 5 either – working in the sports industry means there will be plenty of opportunity to attend exciting events, network with clients, and immerse yourself in the action.

A few words from the team

“The biggest surprise for me when I joined the company, having previously worked for a large sports marketing agency, is that the pace at The Memento Group is very similar. Despite being a small team in comparison and being situated in a sleepy part of Northamptonshire, things move fast. Working here will empower you; if you have an idea, you’ll be given the confidence and trust to explore it – after all, it’s these ingenious concepts that drive the business forward and open us up for an innovated future.” – Kirsty Patterson, Head of Partnerships.

“Helping customers, from an initial enquiry through to seeing photos of their brilliant collections, is something that always makes me immensely proud to work within Customer Service. I’ve led the CS team for some years now and have loved watching the business grow. As we enter into such an exciting period in 2021, I can’t wait to see what the future brings,” – Joanne Baker, Head of Customer Service.

“No two days are the same at Memento. We’re an ‘all hands-on deck’ team, who thrive when pulling together to achieve. Joining us means you will be working in a fast-paced, exciting environment, alongside some of the world’s greatest sports. Each of our teams offers something different too, so whether you’re looking to enter into a career in Partnerships, work with our first-class Customer Service team, or join the expanding Digital squad, opportunities will always come knocking.” – Laura Sexton, Creative Copywriting Manager

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