The Memento Group is a vertically integrated services business that delivers turnkey solutions for rights owners, teams, players and artists, all wanting to develop deeper relationships with their fans.

We do this by opening up new touchpoints through innovative merchandising and product solutions that put the brand in the fans' hand and in the home.

Our unique approach to re-engineering of physical assets brings fans nearer to your sport and its history, whilst generating incremental revenue streams.

Born out of Formula 1, today we do this for some of the biggest sports in the world.



Fans are what make sport great; from attending events to streaming matches on the go, from playing fantasy leagues to gathering in their favourite sports bar. Memento makes the experience richer, with high value re-engineered gifts, using materials from real events to develop curated products with that holographic stamp of authenticity alongside limited edition product items and fresh memorabilia.

Re-engineering enables superfans to take something home from that ‘once in a lifetime’ moment; whilst the memorabilia enables them to share their allegiance.

And our white label e-commerce platform enables purchasing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Around the globe.




Liberty Media, the owners of world’s most popular sport, Formula 1, came to Memento to deliver a white label solution that would create a global retail presence for the sport and a channel to promote the teams, drivers and their sponsors.

The result is F1 Authentics, a sophisticated e-commerce solution and, for high value limited edition items, an online e-auction. Digital channels are backed by Memento’s retail teams, delivering physical retail outlets in the exclusive Paddock Club environment at over 20 races around the globe, with logistics and fulfilment delivered from our dedicated warehousing facilities in the UK.





Memento delivers a fully outsourced, turnkey solution. Under the guidance of our experienced client managers, we take clients on a journey from initial brief to evaluation of assets.
We model revenues aligned to rights owners, teams and players before developing the product portfolio aligned by audience and market.

We explore integration of CRM and data capture, develop digital retail and auction channels and real-world presence, handle build and activation and, finally, support with finance, logistics and fulfilment.

All delivered within rigorously managed and secure, cloud-based, software and data environments.




‘Own the moment’ is a simple philosophy that underpins Memento’s approach to building fan engagement.

It recognises that fans talk about that special goal they saw or the winning race they witnessed. And it asks: what if? What if you could own a part of that winning car and own a part of that moment? The result is a philosophy built on value and it enables the creation of product ranges that keep customers coming back.

And the maths is simple. A match-winning football can be sold as a unique one-off. Or it could be used to create the watch straps for 100 Championship watches that can never be recreated.